Nazca lines in Taipei

According to Etoday, there is a set of Nazca lines in Taipei all these times. The lines will be brought out in the coming weeks when protestors fill the respective streets.
  • 范可欽說明,以景福門為支點,仁愛路、信義路與中山南路成為設出的三條線,就像是「手拿著代表規矩的『圓規』」,在總統府前立下一個規矩;也有人說像是個手握單刀的原住民勇士,準備砍下貪腐的政權;甚至有人形容,就像是一個裁判比出「出局」的手勢,遠看更像是一個巨大的倒扁手勢
  • "Fan said, using Jing Fu Gate as the fulcrum, Jen Ai Road, Hsin Yi Road and Chungshan South Road as three protruding lines, the graph looks like a "hand holding a compass" representing the rules and order in front of the presidential palace. Some others said the figure is a totem of an aborigine holding a knife, ready to chop off a corrupted government...
A pretty cool marketing gimmick. I am not quite sure how effective it will become. But if it manages to get into the Guiness Book, maybe this mass movement could leave some long lasting footprint to history and succeed in embarassing the target of the protests.

Street names and legends below

Update 9/9 Here is the actual picture (Apple Daily TW)



Anonymous said...

This protest action is ALL about hype and partisan politics, and has precious little to do with its professed aims of fighting corruption in Taiwan politics. The true purpose is to divert public attention away from the KMT’s own problems and the question of how it is dealing with calls for it to return to the nation all of its assets obtained illegally during the decades-long era of one-party martial law.

But I will be there, because I want to see the spectacle and talk to people and take some photos.

The organizers and supporters of this movement represent the portion of Taiwanese people who have yet to gain a mature understanding of how a stable democracy must be maintained. Although the leader of this movement has tried to make it appear non-partisan, it is clear that these are the same people (KMT supporters) who have been protesting against President Chen ever since the DPP first became the ruling party, thus breaking the KMT's decades-long monopoly on power. These are the same people who still believe that the President himself arranged the assassination attempt which occurred the day before his 2004 re-election, and protested for weeks after the election.

Yes, I can believe that people are angry at cases of apparent corruption among certain DPP members, and members of the President's family. But the glaring question that anyone familiar with recent Taiwan political history will want answered is how these people can expect their anti-corruption slogans to be taken seriously if they remain content to overlook the on-going history of corruption in the KMT. Even THEY must be aware of the fact that corruption in the KMT goes much deeper and involves many more people and much more money than any wrong-doing the DPP has had time to become guilty of.

The protesters think they are part of a noble people-power struggle to depose a corrupt dictatorship. How ironic that that is exactly the kind of struggle that was required in Taiwan to get rid of the KMT one-party rule. This week's protesters are the same people who resisted democracy in the first place.

These people will do anything to grab back power away from the DPP, whatever the cost to Taiwan’s image abroad. They may succeed in forcing Chen out, but will make Taiwan look like an unstable banana republic in the process.

Sun Bin said...

I don't think anyone is saying KMT is cleaner than DPP.
Also by pointing to KMT is precise diverting attention away from the Chen & family scandal, isn't it?

Look, KMT is no doubt more corrupted than DPP when it was in power. Chiang & family thousands worse than Chen. The point here is, KMT is not in power now, DPP has 6 years of absolute power to reveal it (with a democratic system and open media behind). So this is done, and even if unfinished, one should blame DPP for not cleaning it up.
Regardless, the Chen & family scandal is an independent case. You cannot kill someone just because Hitler killed millions 60 years ago.

Anonymous said...

"..DPP has 6 years of absolute power to reveal it (with a democratic system and open media behind)..."

I don't agree. The DPP's power is not absolute because the legislature is controlled (and paralyzed) by the pan-blues.

The media is not open, because it is 90% pro-KMT.

This week's pan-blue domonstration in not non-partisan at all. Shih Ming-de sitting between James Soong and Ma Ying-jeou doesn't look non-partisan to you?

Shih Ming-de says it is not anti-DPP, just anti-corruption. OK, but do you think he's going to bring up corruption cases involving KMT or PFP members or leaders? Of course not.

It's only anti-DPP corruption, not anti-corruption in general.

Mybe it's because parties and leaders who the public already KNOW are corrupt are getting a free ride.

Yes, I'm a foreigner, and you can say that foreigners can never understand Taiwan politics, but I tend to think the Shih Ming-de supporters are the people who have most deeply internalized the idea that the KMT IS Taiwan (and has a divine right to rule), and they won't trust anyone who questions the truth of what they were taught to believe as they grew up during the KMT era. They are people most easily manipulated by media personalities and PR campaigns. In the next election, they will vote for the most handsome candidate. They are thinking of the narrow interests of their own particular parties or ethnic groups, and disregard the long-term good of the nation.

I think the pan-green supporters are the people who have a clearer idea of what's best for Taiwan.

Sun Bin said...

1. I think many foreigners do understand taiwan. But I found most foreigners are pro-green, probablly because the only English newspaper, Taipei Times is pro-green. (China Post is so badly run that it looks like a paper in the 1970s).
This also answers your question of media biase. I do this the media in taiwan is too partisan (the only paper that is less partisan is Apple Daily). But I have to disgree with your 90% estimate. I think about 60% readers read pro-blue papers. Liberty Times has significant circulation, much larger than 20-30%, I think.

2. I think the Legislative Yuan excuse is quite ridiculous. You DO NOT go to Leg Yuan to seek approval against corruption case. e.g. the KMT candidate in Taitung was charged by local police. in fact, free media is enough to expose corruption, even though punishment and investigation is at the hand of the government.

3. Is the recent protest partisan? While I think there is some flaws in the protest, it is not partisan. non-partisan means any party can participate, not to exclude any party.

4. the protest is anti-Chen, not anti-DPP. they support ANnette Lu to become presdient. they agree DPP should continue to rule after Chen. you probably would question why Chen, not others? because Chen has the power to affect the investigation, as he alrteady did. the protest may well go against other corruptors, e.g. Wu in Taitung, but that guy (and similar cases) is already taken care of by the Police.

4. IMO both green and blue are not rational. they are both being manipulated to some extent. it is unfair to accuse only one side of such guilt.