Nostalgic pictures DPRK

1) An older travelogue by Russian here -- more splendid photos, great explanation in English, with references and comparisons to pre-1990 Russia -- Must See.
  • "At the end of the story I would like to say some things. The northern Koreans by their mentality are uncomparably closer to Russians, than Europeans (I'm not even talking about Americans!). Even the Czechs are more far from us.
    It's difficult to make examples (and they're not for public notes). But you must believe me: after a couple of days, when you stop pay attention to external and language differences, sometimes you get a strong feeling, that you talk to Russians.
    The same moments as: "it's impossible, but if very much desirable, then it's possible". The understanding of some ambiguous moments without the words. Very similar "everyday problems" (of course, I compare not with the "new Russians"). The same principles of high education."
... and Korea Map on plant!

2) (via The Marmot's Hole)

Put 1970s China in a time capsule, you get this magnificient Russia travelogue in North Korea today (full 7 pages of pictures).

Approximated translation with babelfish translator.

Rural Korea

SOE store shelf

The infamous casino built by HK tycoon Yeung Shao-Shing near Siniujiu

Click the link to see the rest.

3) More Mass Game videos
Children section (note music from Small World and Chinese Songs in beginning)

Defense section

4) "Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il" March MTV

5) NK exporting labor to Russia now. These are tough low pay jobs, but better than at home.
6) Propaganda videos from Tadspot.
7) What about the DPRK that the government does not want you to see? here is a video of the NK street orphan, sad, but not unlike the underclass in other countries. Pay attention to the surrounding environment, that is real NK.


Anonymous said...

Just curious where are all the starving North Koreans as seen on CNN???

Sun Bin said...

It is hard to take picture/video. So we never know what really happens. But from my own interview with North Korean who made into China's NE, and worked there (legally and illegally), their lives were very tought back home.

Even from the pictures taken by the Russians you know they are not well off. See the 'street orphan' video for the NK outside desginated spots in Pyongyeong and Siniujiu.