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  1. Map: world population and GDP scaled maps
  2. Chinese and Korean Family Names
  3. When will China's GDP overtake the US?
  4. Where did the North Korea missiles land?
  5. China vs India (and the Muslim world): equality and meritocracy, Productivity Lost Index
  6. The Translucent Box: China's RMB "Managed Peg" & Singapore Dollar's "Managed Float"
  7. Lee Kuan Yew's wisdom
  8. Qinghai Tibet railway videos
  9. Export market share -- when will china's export saturate?
  10. China population (i) - gender ratio problem and "one-child policy"
  11. What is wrong with Bus Uncle profiteering?
  12. China's oil price (ii) - and transition of SOE
  13. Is China a threat? (III)
  14. Poincare conjecture proved by Chinese/Russian/American mathematician
  15. Sun Bin - The crippled strategist
  16. Valuation of the Cathay Pacific Dragon Airline Merger
  17. How much would the RMB peg drift
  18. Price Control for Oil in China
  19. RMB revaluation - the commodity peg scenario
  20. The billion people market dream comes true: Yum! Brands in China
  21. China's "bargaining power" on East China Sea gas field: Very Strong
  22. Why RMB revaluation is good for China
  23. Super Girl economics
  24. Hu's gift to Bush: Art of War
  25. Li Yi on Apple Daily
  26. China's migrant worker: unlimited labor supply?
  27. Ukraine gas price, industry unit convention, and the core issues
  28. Commodity demand and the China factor
  29. Why the RMB USD swap is set at 7.85
  30. The Myth of the strategic location of the Taiwan Strait
  31. China wage rising
  32. How does the new RMB peg work?
  33. RMB peg mechanism updated
  34. How to reform China's oil industry (iii) - oligarchs and deregulation
  35. Map: a detailed but old ethnolinguistic map for China
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