Video: the grandfather of 4GW

Nothing illustrates the comcept of guerilla warfare better than the "Tunnel Warfare". It is a "People's War", the guerillas swim in the people, with their full support. It also illustrate the concept of how to achieve local and temporal advantage by manipulating the environment to your advantage.

This teaser is from the Chinese movie "Tunnel Warfare" made in 1960s. Yes, the original classification of this movie is "educational", i.e. for teaching purpose in military academies. It was then used to teach the general people how to conduct guerilla warfare if China is invaded (guerilla warfare is in essence "People's War", so it is meaningless if it was taught to the army but not he public). The movie was so well made, with a very good plot as the backbone (apparently based on the trure story about the people in a small village in Hebei, North China called Ranzhuang and Jiaohuzhuang against the Japanese occupation around early 1940s), that it is now still widely remembered and regarded as a classic of the time.

Here is the lyric of the theme song
  • 地道战嘿地道战,埋伏下神兵千百万,嘿埋伏下神兵千百万,千里大平原展开了游击战,村与村户与户地道连成片,侵略者他敢来,打得他魂飞胆也颤,侵略者他敢来,打得他人仰马也翻,全民皆兵,全民参战,把侵略者彻底消灭完。
  • 庄稼汉嘿庄稼汉,武装起来千千万,嘿武装起来千千万,一手拿锄头,一手拿枪杆,英勇顽强神出鬼没展开了地道战,侵略者,他敢来,地上地下一齐打侵略者他敢来,四面八方齐开战,全民皆兵,全民参战,把侵略者彻底消灭完。全民皆兵,全民参战,把侵略者彻底消灭完。
  • The last lines said, "Everybody is a soldier, everybody participate in the war, until the invaders are totally annihilated." Of course, the prerequisite for such People's War is that everybody in the "People" is with you. You need "help" from the invaders to achieve this.
  • The Mao quote on the screenshot said, "Revolutionary war is a war by the mass, only by mobilizing the mass can a war be executed, only by relying on the mass can we proceed to war..."
I blogged about People's War in ("source" of) 4GW before. I hope this sheds some light on the current events in Lebanon.

以军遭遇地道战 真主党藏兵于民开展人民战争 (I think the reference on Tunnel is exaggerated, but People's War it is.

Appendix: tactics of tunnel warfare
Screenshot from the movie: illustration of how to construct tunnel (that could defeat smoke, water, and defensible with primitive weapon such as a lance)...

...and how to launch attack using the tunnel infrastructure.


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