Recommended reading list

As an experiment, I will put a few items of my most recent readings on the side-bar. It would include MSM, blog, video and other links. I will keep them for a few days (depending on how fast I update it, i.e. how busy I am).

I will lift the position of this post when there is update on the side bar in the beginning few weeks. Please let me know your feedback. e.g.
1) It is useless
2) It sucks
3) I don't care what you read
4) What topic will you prefer
5) Which recent recommendation is uninteresting (either because it is trite or everyone who reads this blog probably has already see it
6) Too many/frequent
7) Too few/infrequent
8) Any other comment and recommendation

In protest to the blatantly uncritical and brainwashing American reporting who has treated us like idiots, and particularly these few weeks, my first list will be from the honorable British people.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to annotate the links? Sort of Daily Linklets II.

Of course, the workload will be rather...

Sun Bin said...

Thanks for the suggestion.
I will think about how to do it.

My main constraint is the limited width of the side-bar, and I don't want to make it too bulky. In addition, I also want to minimize my opinion (like ESWN) so that it will not biase the reader's view before clicking into it.

However, I agree with you that good annotation is useful, as it could bring out the most interesting aspect of the link without neccessarily opinionating. So I will try.