Chen Shui Bian's blog

While Wen Jiabao's blog is most likely fake (anyone have ever thought it was real?), Taiwan's Chen Shui Bian does have a real blog.

While Chen continues to hide from the media after the election fiasco, he finally published his blog.

Surprise, it is not really about Taiwan's election. It is about HK's demonstration.

He said, "CCP suppressed HK's democracy. HK people demand democracy. But CCP has found a lot of excuses. Taiwan also was presented the same excuses in the past, but it is now democratic. Therefore, Taiwan is the first in Asia Chinese Societies to have democracy. If we (this means Taiwan as a whole? or DPP? or himself?) persist and be confident in 'ourselves', 'we' could lead the victory of democracy in HK and eventually in the whole of China"

So this is his reflection after his party's defeat. His conclusion is that he will lead HK and people in mainland toward democracy.

I am thrilled to have found and read his new blog. I hope all DPP supporters read this as well. He has

  1. Acknowledge Taiwan is a Chinese society
  2. He is going to do what Lee Kuan Yew has regretted all his life (for failing to lead Malaysia), to lead HK and mainland China to democracy
  3. Presumably he now thinks he is a Chinese, like us poor Honkies
Haven't his associates threatened to fire missile to HK if there is a war over the strait? (oops, that is Lee Tenghui's associate, Liu Taiying, sorry. Chen and Lee have split a while ago.) Haven't his associates said any capital from HK represents CCP capital and hence TVBS is CCP controlled? (oops, last week he has declared his relationship with Frank Hsieh is "not so close", that should mean he is "not too close" to our beloved Pasuya Yao as well)

We are just business people here, we had always supported and admired Taiwan's democracy. We do not know what we have done to deserve the missile from Taiwan, or the discriminance to our businesses. It is not our fault that CCP is ruling the mainland. It is not our fault that we do not have democracy.

Since he stopped talking about Taiwan, I will think his new love is HK. Being loved is always a very nice feeling, even if the love is not from the most handsome boy. HK should welcome this new courtship. We should welcome Chen to jump ship. I, for one, know you are smarter than Tung Chee Hwa. Tung is a total idiot.

I am also glad that Chen has also (apparently) abandoned his provocative independence stanch, and finally moves to a 'greater China' mindset. We can see peace is on the horizon. HK will not have to worry about missile from Taiwan now, I hope.

Anyway, I sincerely hope Chen will realize his promise, to lead HK and mainland to democracy. I will definitely vote for him on that day.

One point though, before you arrive, could you promise us that we do not have to go via Macau every time we visit Shenzhen? We already have directly flight and train. We do not want to lose them. You know our girls like the counterfeit handbags in Lo Wu, and our boys likes the massage parlours. If we have to go via Macau, many family tragedies will follow, because of gambling and, you know, the ubiquitous night clubs will distract the husbands.

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