The triumph of Taiwanese people

The mayor election in Taiwan resulted in a landslide victory for pan-blue.

KMT chairman Ma Ying Jeou said, "The KMT did not beat the DPP. The DPP was defeated by itself," Ma also said, "This is the triumph of the Taiwanese people" He had a beautiful speech after victory, "We should be happy, but only for tonight, because we have too many problems to solve...we need to roll up our sleeves and face the challenges..."

I hope his party follow through with what he said, and is aware of the fact the there is still much to do in his party reform.

Of course it is, it was the triump of Taiwanese people in 1999 when he won the mayor, in 2000 when DPP replaced KMT and hence led to Lee Tenghui being ousted, in 2005 again when Lien Chan was defeated. It also shows that ideology only plays a secondary role in voters' mind, it is about who being clean, being rational, and cater to the voters' needs.

The triumph of the Taiwanese people is not about which party has won, it is because the bad apple that is more rotten will be rejected by the people. It applies to pan-blue in 2000 and 2004 and now to pan-green.

This is democracy.
p.s. Annette Lu became the smartest among DPP leaders in the past two weeks. After the defeat, she gracefully acknowledged that this was a victory for democracy and that bad results can imply a turning point for good.
Lien Chan, had you abdicated before 2004, you could have this picture 21 months earlier.
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