Map: Chinese dispora

Here is a map of Chinese dispora based on Nationmaster (click to see detailed data table).

  • Nationmaster's coloring scheme is not very good. But I do know the graphic/flash skill to improve it
  • Overseas Chinese dispora probably only counted Han populations. I am not sure how ethnic minorities such as Bai are accounted for. (Korean Chinese who emigrated most probably identify themselves as Korean). But the numbers will not change significantly.
  • mainland China has 1.3bn, Taiwan 23M, HK 7M, Macau 0.5M were not charted here
  • Russia has about 100k, but for unknown reason it is not charted by Nationmaster.
This map is for % population in the host country (detailed data from Nationmaster.)


Anonymous said...

Very nice map, I am surprised there are no Chinese in Greenland though.

Sun Bin said...

Greenland, good question:)
blame nationmaster :)

Dave and Stefan said...

Thanks Sun Bin. Very interesting! I had no idea there were as many as 100+k Chinese in India.

You certainly can't tell from what is labelled as Chinese food in India!:)

Sun Bin said...

India is a large country.

I guess the second graph (% pop) reflects the visibility better.

Sun Bin said...

A table from different source/time.

Sun Bin said...

another table

J.H. said...

sooo coooool

Sun Bin said...

don't fabricate argument with no fact behnid. give us numbers. the aborigines represent less than 1% of the population. mainly displaced chinese immigrants from 1600-1945, and again post 1949.

Unknown said...

This presumably "deep green Taiwanese" --who said that except 5% of Chinese, all the other Taiwanese are culture mixed-- is totally wrong. I am Taiwanese,and leaving aside political issues, almost all the Taiwanese,from ethnic and cultural viewpoints, are Chinese, specifically to the Han nation, and particularly to the sub-group of Hakka and Hokkien (or Minnan).I have investigated a lot about the history of TW and I never heard that French or Germans occupied TW. European presence started with the Portuguese, who "discovered" (from a euro-centrist perspective) the island, but never occupied it; the the Spaniards built a fort in order to expand their colony of the Philippines, but they were banished by the Dutchmen, who had the same ambition. But soon, a Chinese admiral defeated the Dutch and recovered the island. The treaty of surrender allowed the Dutch to leave the island in peace. In conclusion, almost no European descendants were founded in TW at that time. As regards the aboriginal Polynesian or Austronesian or Malaysian, of course there were intermarriages, but all their descendants embraced Chinese culture (you can identify them by their darker skin at the south part of the island). As regards Japaneses, during the occupation of Japan, Taiwanese was regarded as a "second-class" people, and despite there were no strict prohibition of intermarriage, it was socially unaccepted from both sides; but of course, there were a few exceptions. Currently, more than 99% of the inhabitants of Taiwan speaks one of the following Chinese languages as mother tongue: Mandarin, Minnan or Hokkien or Hakka; and practice Han culture. So, please, Deep Green guy, don't imitate south-korean nationalists by fabricating unreal and ridiculous facts of your own history. I hope someday you could learn to be proud of just what you are.