China/HK could create another SAR

Which area/country has the highest GDP/cap in the world? The answer is not Luxemberg.

It is a small group of Carribean Islands, BVI, the British Virgin Island.

China can create the same economic miracle, to add another 0.1% to its GDP. There are 4 candidates in the Lingding Yang (Lonely Ocean - See map below) near HK

  • Nei Lingding Island (Between Yuen Long and Shekou, but this one is a wild life reserve, population 600, monkeys. so this one is most likely out)
  • Wai Lingding Island (10 km south of Cheung Chau, 10 years ago speedboats used to shuttle from Ap Lei Chau to the massage parlour there)
  • Guishan Island (It is now connected with two other pieces of rocks through reclamation, Niutou and Zhongxin. Next time your flight lands in Chek Lap Kok, you can notice a lot well-built area south of Lantau)
  • The Dangang Islands (3 Islands, south of Stanley)

All these islands are within an hour from HK by hydrofoil/hovercraft. So the bankers, lawyers and accountants can live in HK (The Islands, esp WLD and DG, should provide much fresher air and more beautiful views).

  • GS is also close to Macau/Zhuhai. In particular, Guishan could be linked by a bridge from the SW tip of Lantau, piggybacking on the planned HK-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge.
  • DG and WLD are close to Lamma Island, Stanley, or Ap Lei Chau

What China needs to do is to create another SAR, with a new set of "Basic Law". There is already the HK model. This one can be more 'aggressive', in the sense that it copies BVI law wholesale. The constitutional exercise can also be a preparation toward a framework (e.g. federation) to lure Taiwan to 're-unification'.

Wai Lingding Island already has a pier and some infrastructure.


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Anonymous said...

Hong Kong is not too bad, considering it has the highest per capita GDP in Asia.