More Arirang Festival

(Earlier post on Arirang here, other North Korea related posts here and here)

First let's see how they welcome Hu-Ge (a bit long, can FFWD after the Young Pioneer presented flower). The extravaganza in China of the Mao era. Yes, it is a lot of productivity lost, but they are not producing otherwise anyway. And the "investment"is probably justified by the return -- rumour has it at US$2bn.

This is a great slide show with beautiful chorus ("No Monterland without You") of the arirang festival (13M, takes sometime to load -- or rightclick to download, or here)

This is another (via 1stopkorea.com, see introduction)

1stopkorea is a great site, a lot more videos. Definitely click in if you are interested in know more about Korea, North or South. e.g.
  • a state of mind - "The story of two North Korean schoolgirls and their families in the lead up to the Mass Games." (Trailers are available for download. )

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