World FDI map

Here is a map of Foreign Direct Investment flow of the world, in 1980 and 1998. While China's attention is impressive, it is still lower than that of the Western Europe and US. But China is probably among the top if one measures FDI/GDP.



Anon said...

I think in 2003 China has passed the US as the largest FDI recepient in the world.

Anonymous said...


Any source for a 2004 or 2005 map reflecting the same statistics?

Sun Bin said...


thx. do yo have the numbers?

movie guy,

i found this from the internet. you may want to try google for the source under the graph -- world bank (world development indicator) and celine rozenblat

Anon said...

check out WTO, World Bank, UNDP, or the likes. BTW, in terms of FDI/GDP, China is probably not extremely high.

Sun Bin said...

UN/world dev report has the numbers for 1970-2001.

financial time in 2003 said china had 53bn in 2002, surpassed US.

Anon said...

So you don't have access to the WDI (world development indicators) database of the world bank? If you do, you'll see that the figures for the US are 72.4 billion (2002) and 39.9 billion (2003), and those for China are 49.3 billion (2002) and 53.5 billion (2003). China surpassed the US in 2003, not 2002. In 2004, however, the US overtook China again with 115.5 billion, as opposed to China's 60.6 billion (see also China's ministry of commerce).