Map: world population and GDP scaled maps

This is the world map scaled by population (via Boingboing/Awholelotanothing). It shows why BRIC (the biggest 4 developing countries in this map, sort of, though they should include Indonesia, BIRIC) has been talk of the town these days.
Below is the similar (anamorphose) map for 1950 and 2025, as projected in 1993

Here is one scaled by wealth (GDP in PPP, 1995 data), note China and Russia grew a lot in the past 10 years

This is the same map using exchange-rate converted GDP (perhaps with slightly older data as well): Color denotes income: yellw=highest, green=lowest.

GDP/cap 1995 by PPP

GDP density (US$/km2) is a guide for real estate speculators.

Share of service in GDP shows strong correlation to GDP/cap (note India has higher service content than China, due to the IT/outsourcing industry)

Future trend: GDP/cap growth (1990-2001)

More population sized maps, population scaled flags

Simple square shape, population scaled

Shape preserving, pop-scaled

Square shaped GNP map, 2000



Sun Bin said...

also check out this site, via asiapundit.

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Great blog. I enjoyed visiting it.

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Fascinating maps, and really enjoyed the arguments about China's growth in GDP per capita and whether/when it will overtake US's.

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Economic Population Regional Map of World.


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I had the idea of making what is called here the population scaled map about a half year ago. I got stuck. The I tried a simpler project of making a pop-scaled map of the U.S. states, and I was able to do it. It was pretty hard, but I did it. Now I see these here, nice stuff; good job. Darrell

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